Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Vincente, Tommy and Ruy

Added: 2020-05-11

This scene features Tommy Lima with Ruy De Sousa and Vincente Lourenco. These Latinos have cocks so big you’d think they were photoshopped, if you weren’t seeing them in action. Tommy is a good bottom, and takes them in his mouth and ass. In fact, it’s while Tommy is sucking on Ruy’s fat dick that Vincente makes it obvious he’s going straight for Tommy’s hole. He plays with it, licks it, and teases it before climbing on and really going to town. Vincente is a power fucker who doesn’t kneel when he fucks. He stays on his feet in a wide stance that really lets him plow ass. Tommy seems to dig on the fact that he?s getting opened up so completely while making out with Ruy. When Vincente pulls out, Tommy gets Ruy’s cock in his hole, as fast as he can, while his erstwhile fucker jacks off. Vincente cums on Tommy’s back, while Ruy is still inside him. It’s too much for Tommy and he shoots on Ruy’s stomach right, before Ruy nuts all over himself.