Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Ulises Cuen and Francisco Macedo

Added: 2019-08-26

Ulises Cuen and Francisco Macedo are both rubbing impressive bulges. These Latin guys are both pulling on the kind of heavy meat you expect. Big and uncut. After some making out and head swapping, Francisco gets behind Ulises and does some making out with that sweet ass. Rimming is so fucking hot with guys like this. It lets you know how much more easily Francisco’s cock is going to slide up Ulises’ hole. And slide up that ass it does. Ulises likes it so much that he does some fucking for Francisco, just to show him how much. There’s plenty of play with that ass before the condom is on, and seeing that veiny uncut cock tapping that hole is incredible. Once Francisco hits his stride, it’s a power fuck to the finish. These guys blow out a couple of cum gushers to finish things off.