Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Tommy Lima and Josue Otaviano

Added: 2020-02-17

Tommy Lima seems none too bothered by Josue Otaviano’s big dick waking him up from a little nap. Tommy looks at that piece of black meat long and hard before sucking on it. He works it deep into his throat, while Josue looks down at his cock sucker and Tommy looks right back up. When you see a big athletic looking stud, like Josue, you expect a hard and fast lay. However, this guy takes his time and enjoys some variations on position with Tommy. When Tommy sits down and starts fucking himself, you can see that both guys are really into it. Tommy knows exactly how he wants it and Josue likes giving it to him. Josue shoots a cum gusher on Tommy’s chest, while he strokes out his own load.