Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Rodrigo Beckmann and Riu Melo

Added: 2019-11-04

When you see Riu Melo walking down the street, you know he’s going to end up getting fucked. It’s just one of those things. When he happens upon some straight porn taped to the walls of an abandoned structure you expect he’s about to find his new best friend. Instead, he gets caught by Rodrigo Beckmann and bound to a chair. Rodrigo gives him a stern talking too before going through his stuff. He was clearly tricked into this situation and he’s about to get it. Rodrigo feeds him some cock in the chair before tying him up to a post and putting a dildo up his Latin ass. Riu’s moaning makes it clear he’s in pain and that seems to fuel Rodrigo’s resolve. He pulls out his hard dick and puts it right up Riu’s ass. Riu is moaning like a bitch right up until Rodrigo nuts all over his jockstrapped ass.