Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Riu Melo and Goncalo Morales

Added: 2019-07-08

The shower is the perfect place for keeping a tight, little bottom like Riu Melo right where Goncalo Morales can do his best work. Goncalo checks out Riu, while he rubs his bone through his pants. With his cock adequately stimulated, it’s time to open the cage and use his sneakered foot to wake up the hole he’s about to use. Riu struggles to get out of the duct tape that is holding his wrists and ankles bound, but he opens his mouth for Goncalo’s hard dick. Goncalo flips on the shower and washes out Riu’s hole before he tears it up with his fat cock. Goncalo holds on to Riu’s tiny waist while he fucks that tight Latin hole. Riu can’t behave, so Goncalo ties him to the wall and tapes his whiny mouth shut before splattering his back with cum.