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Renato Morales and Pedro Andrade

Added: 2018-04-23

We find Latinos Renato Morales and Pedro Andrade sharing some intense looks and heavy petting. Renato’s cock is trying to fight its way from of his board shorts, while he gropes and licks Pedro. Once he gets that beast out, Renato feeds it to Pedro, before returning the favor. Both guys enjoy sucking cock and gorge themselves before Renato finally dives ball deep into Pedro’s bubble butt. Pedro is fist pumping his own cock while he gets pounded lets us know that he’s right where he wants to be. Then, Renato gets what he gives when Pedro bends him over some shelves and fucks his Latin ass. Renato’s face tells us he’s not been fucked for a while. In the end, Pedro is back on his knees wearing two loads of cum.