Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Pinto, Tommy and Rodrigo

Added: 2019-03-04

Tommy Lima is awoken by a couple of super hung studs going at it over his ass in bed. They are certainly enjoying each other but it seems they were just biding their time until the cute little piece of white ass woke up for them to ride. Pinto Gomez is a beautiful, lean stud with a big cock and Rodrigo Bekmann has the look of a boxer who’s about to punch a hole in someone’s ass. Tommy is pretty fast to bend over and get Pinto’s cock in his mouth and then Rodrigo’s. He takes turns getting them hot and ready before shaking his ass to get them even more turned on. The two Latinos start smacking his ass to get it ready for stretching. These studs slide their cocks under the straps of Tommy’s jock and hump their ebony dicks against his creamy white ass, which is only the prelude for what’s to come. Not only do they seamlessly switch places but they help each other out by holding Tommy’s legs up while the other fucks. They shoot impressive loads all over Tommy before he jacks himself off.