Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Pedro Loma and Martino Paiva

Added: 2017-09-11

It’s hard to believe that such a skinny boy can be packing that huge cock. From the moment Pedro Loma’s uncut meat is pulled from of his shorts, it’s a waiting game to see where he can stick it. Martino Paiva is committed to getting that fat cock in as far as it will go. He can hardly fit it in his mouth, but that doesn’t stop him from trying. After some attempts at dislodging his jaw, he decides to try a slightly more elastic hole. Pedro isn’t new to this game and does some opening up of that little ass, with his fingers, before pushing his giant dick in. Pedro fucks the cum from of Martino before dropping his own nut on the Latin boy’s back. It’s hotter than imaginable to watch a guy with a cock so big his hand won’t even wrap all the way around it. The scene ends, as he pushes his cock around in his cum that’s splattered all over Martino’s back.