Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Pascoal Coelho and Claudio Frates

Added: 2020-05-04

Pascoal Coelho and Clausio Frates are on each other immediately and the kissing and cock tugging doesn’t stop until they get into a sexy 69. Both Latinos are well versed in the sucking of dick and they know that it’s just the beginning. Eventually Claudio is going to finger Pascoal’s hole and then he’ll be diving in with something bigger and better. When it’s time for bigger and better, Pascoal just keeps stroking his cock, while he’s getting fucked deep by Claudio. Young guys fuck differently than mature, and these boys are like rabbits. The slapping sound of Claudio’s balls on Pascoal’s ass set a great rhythm. It’s like an instructional video. Play along well enough and when Claudio adds his cum to Pascoal’s, you can keep the beat.