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Llopo de Brito and Manoel Velho

Added: 2017-11-27

Stern looking Manoel Velho, hidden behind dark shades, doesn’t look happy. Things perk up when long-haired Llopo de Brito invites him up to his room. After Manoel pets the cat, Llopo admits his longtime crush on Manoel, who isn’t thrilled, but allows the action to progress anyway. Llopo does grand work with Manoel’s enormous dick, taking face slapping from it during rests from sucking. The combo of Llopo’s white ass and Manoel’s dark cock is an enticing one, even better when finally merged. Llopo sits and rides, squeezing in that big Latin dick and going for broke before Manoel fucks him up against the wall. Llopo is enjoying his fantasy come true, as he gets fucked one last time in missionary. Manoel douses Llopo in cum and does wait around for Llopo to finish.