Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Leandro Cruz and Pascoal Coelho

Added: 2017-08-28

Some kissing and groping open this hot scene. Leandro Cruz finds his cock trying to fight its way from of his boxer briefs in anticipation of Pascoal Coelho’s hole. Both guys are lean and toned and that big dick of Leandro’s is exciting to watch in all its rock hard wonder. When Pascoal wraps his dick sucking lips around that coal black cock, it’s a sight that is difficult to ignore. When Leandro returns the favor, it’s a lot of hot to watch. When Leandro starts pile driving Pascoal’s ass, all bets are off. You may need to schedule a second viewing for the final scene of the film. Pascoal is another bottom who looks his top right in the eye, while he’s calling from for cock. It makes a hot fuck even more sizzling to watch. Once they’ve reached the limit, the two Latinos pump from a nice mess on Pascoal’s flat stomach.