Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Jul Kasib and Mumtaz

Added: 2019-12-16

We look into the cell of Jul Kasib and Mumtaz, already in the midst of an aggressive cock feeding session. Jul works to keep Mumtaz’s cock hard and wet with his mouth while Mumtaz has his hands all over Jul’s sexy body. Before he gets inside Mumtaz’s ass, Jul offers up some cock sucking. The guys stand up and have a little sword fight before Mumtaz gets on his back to take what he’s been wanting for. He’s jacking his cock like crazy as Jul rubs his bone all over a sweet ass just waiting to get pounded. Juls pushes that ass up in the air to give it some good rimming, before pushing his cock inside his buddy. Mumtaz braces himself against the wall to make sure and get the full impact of his cell-mate’s cock inside him and then switches positions a couple times in order to get Jul’s cum on his hole. Mumtaz then lays back and drops an impressive shot of cum on his belly for Jul to play with.