Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Juan Romero and Zavier Alonso

Added: 2018-10-08

Latinos Zavier Alonso and Juan Romero, really heat up the screen with romantic, passionate embraces and kisses. Zavier’s briefs come down and reveal a rock hard cock that Juan swallows, and then Zavier leans over and slowly gobbles up Juan’s uncut beauty. A hot 69 shows off Juan’s gorgeous hole, which Zavier caresses as he sucks on his meat. You can actually hear Juan gasp as Zavier holds his legs apart and pushes his dick inside. But Juan quickly adjusts, and soon Zavier is slamming in and from of it and giving Juan lots of tender kisses as he fucks him. Zavier fucks the load from of Juan, before shooting his cum on Juan’s furry lower belly, and he continues to squeeze his cock until every last drop has been released.