Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Goncalo Morales and Riu Melo

Added: 2019-01-14

When Riu Melo starts rubbing Goncalo Morales’ cock, through his pants, you are immediately aware of the size difference between this little twink and the big black stud, who’s clearly going to fuck him. Riu’s hand looks as if it will barely wrap all the way around Goncalo’s fat dick. When Riu wraps his lips around that black schlong, the difference in size is even more noticeable. No matter how much he works his throat, he can’t get his nose all the way to Goncalo’s pubes. After a good bit of trying, Goncalo goes for the ass. Riu sits on the big fucker and takes it. His whining and moaning only make it hotter that he’s getting tore up by this amazing cock. When Goncalo flips Riu over, he’s fully in control and really gets his dick balls deep up that tight Latin hole. That’s enough to get them both shooting cum all over the place.