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German, Isidro and Miguel

Added: 2019-05-27

All of this has been too much for the prison voyeurs. Watching these cons get off with each other and with their guards has gotten German, Isidro and Miguel hard and ready. They turn up the heat with some kissing and groping as they pull their dicks out of their jeans and Miguel gets on his knees to start things off. After he gets them wet and ready, Miguel sits down for some stroking while German and Isidro do a little fucking. Not to be left out, though, he replaces German’s ass with his own and German takes the time to beat on a dick with more foreskin than the rest has combined. Watching Isidro get some ass is fun but German wants some too. He gets his fat cock up Miguel’s hole and really bounces his ball off that hard ass. All three guys shoot impressive ropes of cum that may well inspire you with a couple shots of your own.