Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Francisco Macedo and Alef Caravalh

Added: 2019-02-18

Alef Caravalho is absolute eye candy. From his giant muscles that are perfectly decorated with sexy tattoos to his pretty face and perfect ass, there is nothing about this boy that you don’t want to stare at. Watching Francisco Macedo take full inventory of all this beauty before slapping that ass with his cock is almost as good as being there. Almost. That aside, the teasing he gives Alef’s ass with his tongue and bare dick before finally diving in is absolutely mesmerizing. It gets Alef so hot that he starts reaching back with his own fingers to get at his whole and is covered with goose bumps before he even gets fucked. Before long, Alef starts fucking with a little more selfishness behind his strokes. Alef is going mad getting fucked and Francisco holds on tight while he pounds away. Then Francisco lays back and lets Alef take a seat and pleasure himself on that big cock. It’s clearly pretty good for Francisco as well because he shoots his load right across Alef’s hole before Alef rolls off and finishes himself.