Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Felipe Sainz and Pero Coresma

Added: 2018-11-05

Dark-skinned big-eyed Felipe Sainz orders a swallow, sitting blatantly in his booth with a raging hardon. His pretty face is matched by a sculpted body and huge cock. Pero Coresma, the definition of the adorable Latin twink, is his waiter. He offers some extra service and opens wide for Felipe’s cock. Using both his hand and mouth, Pero delivers a memorable blowjob. He then mounts the booth and pokes his ass in Felipe’s direction. The dark uncut cock pushes into his ass, and hammers away at him. Felipe has an attitude about him that makes him look like an angry top, but he’s quite kind to his wiling bottom, earning his multi-position fuck. He cums on Pero’s back a tad and then Pero finishes.