Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Denis, Pero and Pero

Added: 2017-12-11

In the jungle, muscular Latino Pero Boteino stands beating his enormous meat, hungry for the company of any one of the Brazilian boys lurking behind the tangled mass of trees. Blonde beauty Pero Coresma ends up being the lucky bottom. First, they’re joined in their cliff-side jungle nook by Denis Torres, who constantly keeps a vigilant eye, even as he gets power blown by the blonde Brazilian. After sucking and gagging on his dark top’s anaconda cock, Pero Coresma squirms his eager ass up and down the entire length of Pero Boteino’s impressive donkey dick. Once the black beauty awards his bottom with a warm load of cum, he runs into the jungle, leaving blondie and the Latin supermodel to deposit their sweaty loads all over the jungle brush.