Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Cosme, Francisco, Joam, Paulo and Tommy

Added: 2019-03-11

After a short walk Tommy dozes off on the rocks. The dream we glimpse through his mind’s eye is packed with muscle and meat. Relaxing in a pool together are Cosme Diaz, Francisco Macedo, Joam Ferreira, and Paulo Colimbra. Tommy is watching and jacking in the shower, before he’s invited to join. He’s quickly engulfed in the kisses and caresses of these studs and shortly after they help each other out of their trunks. The four Latinos climb out of the pool and line up side-by-side for Tommy to partake of their sweet buffet, before the guys split off for some cock sucking and fucking. While Cosme doesn’t have the biggest dick in the group, he has some biceps that can’t be ignored, as Joam pounds him from behind. This comes after Joam has fed Cosme his cock and then eaten his ass. As they are getting hotter and hotter the attention shifts to Tommy, who is helping out Francisco with a blowjob while Paulo takes Tommy from behind. After Paulo warms up Tommy’s ass, Francisco climbs on for a ride. The guys then gather round the outdoor shower, while Tommy steps inside, and the circle of studs take turns creaming the walls.