Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Christian, Niko and Tommy

Added: 2018-07-30

Christian Duarte walks into the bathroom and checks from the DVD’s he’s just bought that he quickly tosses back into his shopping bag when he’s joined by his buddy, Niko Tomiar. The guys are checking from the covers when in walks a hot muscled stud who proceeds to take a piss. The two buddies are blatantly staring when Christian pulls from his purchase and shows Niko that the dude at the pisser is none other than the hot Tommy Lima from the cover of his DVD. Tommy laughs when he realizes he’s been recognized and quickly uses his gay porn stardom to get in the pants of these hot Latinos. After he sucks their dicks the two friends spit-roast Tommy with Niko taking up the rear. Just when it seems like his fat cock is going to split, Tommy opens the muscle stud pulls off the dick that’s fucking him and gets his own ass-pounder up Christian’s tail. When Christian flips Tommy, though, he proves to be just as good giving it as he was taking it. Watching is too much for Niko, and he unloads a huge nut all over a stall door. He gets dressed and leaves Christian to finish up Tommy’s ass.