Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Carlos Vega and Miguel Torres

Added: 2018-09-10

As Manuel Lozano and his buddies look on, Miguel Torres gets Carlos Vega right where he wants him. One of the hottest things about Miguel is that he makes it obvious he’s no stranger to cruising public places for sex. The way he looks around and keeps an eye from for someone to walk up on him adds to the excitement. He has a huge cock and Carlos clearly enjoys taking every inch it. As Miguel is fucking this little red head he pulls all the way from and lets us see how loose he’s made Carlos. When he rolls Carlos over and forces that bone back in that hole you know he’s enjoying himself. Miguel doesn’t even pause when he gets caught by another inmate. He just keeps on fucking and asks him to keep an eye from for the guard. Miguel fucks the cum right from of Carlos, and then shoots his own load all over the boy’s flat belly.