Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Bras Gomez and Julio Andrade

Added: 2018-12-10

The rooms on this cruise ship are getting so much action it’s likely the whole ship was rocking. As we enter this room, we find Latinos Bras Gomez and Julio Andrade caressing each other on the bed. Bras is the first proof that a dude who kisses like that can suck cock like a fucking dream. Even Julio can’t take his eyes off the action. After watching for a good while, Julio spins around and starts a hot 69. He slides his attention to Bras’ perfect little hole and makes it clear where we’re headed as he shoves his finger in. Bras is easy to convince and turns right over for some more play and then some fucking. Julio fucks like a dream, as he long strokes that hole. When these dudes nut, it’s icing on the cake.