Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Bernaldo Pires and Carlos de Olivira

Added: 2018-09-03

Bernaldo Pires is a serious looking beefy and masculine Latino and he’s bored. So, he invites Carlos de Olivira to spice up the day. The good looking Carlos is quick to get on his knees, in front of Bernaldo. Bernaldo has a cock so thick that it’s really unfair to expect one man to take it on, but Carlos tries. He wraps his mouth around it and holds it there as long as possible, in a show of sheer willpower. After Carlos has spent enough time on that monster to earn his mouth a rest, the all-business Bernaldo turns him around and plays with his ass. Carlos pulls his cheeks wide open in preparation for the fucking he’s about to receive. With the help of copious lube, Bernaldo not only gets his cock all the way in, but he’s able to fuck Carlos with speed. Carlos even helps from by gyrating his ass around the dick as Bernaldo slams his Latin ass. Beefcake Bernaldo also fucks Carlos missionary, without losing any energy at all, and Carlos keeps up with him. Bernaldo finally pulls from for an enormous cum shot, and Carlos soon follows with his juicy spill.