Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Basil Karim, Shihad and Tahir Abban

Added: 2015-12-07

Here is another hot threesome Arabian fantasy.¬†We open up to Tahir Abban and Basil Karim feeling up Shihad, as Shihad gets a handful of his own cock. Shihad is obviously hungry for dick and quickly gets his mouth around Tahir’s. Basil seems very pleased by this, as he moves off screen, stroking his own, before getting on his knees for a turn at cock sucking. Tahir clearly enjoys getting blown but decides something tighter is in order, so he stands up and turns Shihad so his ass is presented for inspection. After giving Shihad a fucking he won’t soon forget, Tahir turns Basil over and gives him a pounding that has this Latin bottom moaning. Shihad cums on his own flat stomach, before Tahir pulls from of Basil’s ass and pumps his load out. Basicl isn’t far behind, as he slides his massive foreskin back and forth and squirts all over the place.