Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Antonio Gallvam and Rodrigo Lobo

Added: 2018-09-24

Rodrigo Lobo finds his way to the bar where Latin twink Antonio Gallvam is having a water to cool down. Unashamed, Antonio silently flirts with the hunk, who stuffs his hands down his pants just as teasingly. The pesky bartender sticks around, so they head into the toilet stall for some alone time. There, Antonio quickly goes down on Rodrigo’s dick. The thin young man isn’t put off by all those inches and delivers an excellent blow job. They move to less cramped quarters where Antonio has easier access to Rodrigo and continues his oral servicing. Naturally Antonio can’t wait to give his ass over to Rodrigo, who pokes around at it with his cockhead until finally pushing it. The young bottom effortlessly takes a hard fucking from big-dicked Rodrigo, who decides to finish him off in missionary, before both spill their Latin cum on Antonio’s stomach.