Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Anibal Ribeiro and Julian Real

Added: 2019-10-07

Anibal Ribeiro is a tall guy with a big dick. The only thing about him bigger than his cock is his desire to take a huge black one into his mouth and up his Latin ass. Julian Real is all about satisfying that desire. His cock looks to be about the same size as Anibal’s forearm except it might be a little thicker. After some fingering, Julian lets Anibal slide his tight hole down the length of an altogether too fat cock. It takes some concerted effort to get it all in, but neither of these guys seem to mind the work. The look on Anibal’s face is one of pure ecstasy, as he slowly gets further and further down the giant black bone that is inside him. Julian helps him out with some hard upthrusts and gets nearly all of an impossibly girthy dong inside that tight hole. It’s a hole that will surely be gaping once the fucking is done. They both shoot enough cum to make it clear they were enjoying themselves.