Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Andre, Raul and Adrian

Added: 2019-11-18

Latin guys sitting around in their bunks rubbing their crotches is a sure way to get things taken care of. After some talk and showing off, Raul Boteinho drops to his knees and starts sucking cock with a smile. He takes turns sucking Adrian Correa and Andre Ferreira before Adrian decides it’s time to tap some white ass, while he’s bent over giving Andre some great head. He sits down on Andre’s cock once Adrian’s had a turn and bounces his cute ass up and down. The close ups of Raul’s face while he’s getting plowed are almost as hot as seeing his ass getting opened up. You can see he’s really feeling the fuck he’s getting. Shortly after the cock is out of his ass he jerks a nice load out of his big uncut meat onto Andre’s chest. Then it’s mixed with Adrian’s nut and followed up with Andre’s own wad.