Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Andre, Bruno, Rafael and Ramon

Added: 2020-03-30

Being the hottest guard to ever grace the jungle, Bruno Loronha is teased. His horniness is only outweighed by his shyness to approach the orgies sprouting up all over this jungle paradise. He chances upon a raunchy sex scene already in progress. If you like inked, smooth skin on brown beautiful boys, Andre Mello and Rafael Lucio will make your cock stiffer than a tropical tree. Ramon Mendez strokes his giant cock a few meters away, until he is beckoned over by the two new Latin lovers. The dark, tattooed top readies the bottom with his own spit, then pounds the fuck out of Rafael’s perfect ass, with the giant girth of his cock. Then scene-stealing Ramon Mendez gets his turn to fuck Rafael. The two tops explode all over their faced-down bottom, and then scurry away, leaving Rafael alone to add to the growing pile of spewed cum covering the jungle floor.