Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Alfonso, Israel and Tommy

Added: 2020-01-20

Tommy Lima and Alfonso Rosas, looking for their own little escape from the long day of work. Standing and rubbing their dicks, their intentions are clear as they pull Israel Amezquita away from his work partner and out behind a building. When they strip Israel out of his orange jumpsuit, the body that they find is nothing short of incredible. Packed with muscle and a great hard on, this guy is the beefiest fuck to make his way onto this work camp. Tommy’s dick is immediately out of his uniform and he and Alfonso both give Israel’s muscled up body a good rubdown before they really get down to business. You’d think that a couple of big, studly prison guards would be ready to pound some convict ass but these guys both give up their holes for Israel’s thick cock. First Tommy is on his back and then Alfonso. Once he’s had his hole pounded, Alfonso joins the list of many who have used the fuck hole of Tommy Lima. Israel dumps on the ground while he watches. Alfonso dumps a great load on Tommy’s back who then follows with his own nut.