Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Alex, Mario and Tommy

Added: 2017-12-06

As Tommy Lima continues his hike he crosses paths with the Latino Alex Mello. The two glance over their shoulders with that universal look of wanna fuck. A few minutes of making from and Tommy is on his knees giving Alex a quick head job, while Alex keeps an eye from for anyone who might catch them. Alex then leans Tommy up against a tree and starts rimming his ass. Alex shows that this isn’t the first time he’s fucked a nice ass in the jungle, as he continues to look around while he gives Tommy a hard pounding right on the path. Tommy’s moans and groans get Alex so hot that he swings him around and changes position. He doesn’t notice a young Mario Coelho wandering up the path. Mario has a bird’s eye view of the action, as Tommy pulls his ass off Alex’s cock and gets down on his knees to finish him off with that hot mouth. Mario kneels down and starts playing with his own piece from the leg of his shorts, and Alex cums all over some of the local vegetation before jogging off down the trail.