Muscular and hung gay Latino hardcore sex scenes

Alef Carvalho and Diego Coelho

Added: 2020-05-25

This scene opens with the kind of South American beauty we’ve all come to expect. Alef Carvalho and Diego Coelho start slow and easy, enjoying each other’s muscled up bodies and a hot make out session before Alef gets down and moistens Diego’s massive cock for its dive into his tight hole. During the entire scene it’s nearly impossible to stop staring at Alef’s amazing body. Besides being gorgeous, he makes it obvious that his hole is barely able to accommodate Diego’s meat. Diego doesn’t seem to mind. He uses a few slow strokes to open Alef up and then goes to town with a fast and furious fuck. A couple of positions later, Alef’s back is covered in Diego’s cum gusher, before he sits back and busts a load on his flat abs.