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Aban Malik and Firas Hani

Added: 2019-12-02

Aban Malik and Firas Hani are clearly about to indulge in the pleasures of the body in their desert shelter. When Firas finally gets his lips around Aban’s cock, it’s clear that it was well worth the wait. He works on the head with more patience than you can imagine but his fist is wrapped tightly around his own cock, making it clear that he is in ecstasy. He does a lot of licking and sucking and ball fondling before he finally sits down on Aban’s big dick and gets down to business. Firas fucks himself on that big cock as if he’s been waiting a lifetime and Aban looks as if he’s waited just as long. The looks they exchange just make it all the better. After a position shift, Aban fucks the cum right out of Firas before finishing himself off all over his fuck buddy’s hand and crotch.